Music to Meals: An ABLE Benefit

Join us tonight, May 30, at our benefit, Music to Meals, at The Depot in Norman. Proceeds will go to the launch of our vocational home economics program. A huge “THANK YOU!” goes to our food sponsor, El Toro Chino for providing the delicious taco bar!

Tickets are available for $20 each at the door.

Annual Lilies Celebrating Life Fundraiser

We are grateful for all the generous support of ABLE through our Board of Directors’ annual fundraiser, Lilies Celebrating Life!

McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church cross of lilies – Easter Service 2018

Who are we at ABLE?

ABLE is a nonprofit, community-based organization that supports adults with developmental disabilities. ABLE provides access to independent daily living assistance, group home facilities, vocational training, day-activity programs, on-the-job support, and community service activities. By acquiring self-sufficient living abilities and marketable work skills, people with developmental disabilities can expand their options of lifestyle, housing, and employment.

ABLE is a proud partner of United Way of Norman!

ABLE Residential

Our residential program offers rentals in a group home setting. Participants also benefit from recreational leisure activities. The residential program gives residents great autonomy.  Participants get ready access to support for tasks like banking, shopping, and transportation.

Able vocational center

ABLE Vocational

Our vocational program solicits contracts from businesses to be completed by program participants at our community integrated employment office or job sites. This provides skills development and earned income for clients.

Able community

ABLE Community

We maintain a community integrated employment office as the liaison between our clients and community businesses. This “workshop” provides skills development, specialized training, job search, job placement, and on-the-job assistance for each client in the progra

ABLE always appreciates your donations, which go towards our vocational and residential programs, to provide our service recipients, people with special needs, the best comprehensive care possible. Thank you for considering making a tax-deductible gift.